The Domestic Godless

A Formal Complaint

Sent: 30 September 2004 14:47


HI Mick, Hope all is good down in Cork. Thanks a million for taking the time to talk with me the other day about SSI activities and development plans for the future. On another matter - I received the email below regarding the Domestic Godless column in the Visual Artists News Sheet. Have a read of it and get back to either Jason or myself and tell us what you think. Best wishes Niamh


Dear Jason,


We wish to complain about the inclusion in the July edition of your newsletter of a rabbit/ferret recipe. The recipe includes instructions on killing the rabbit (and ferret) as follows: "A sharp blow to the back of the neck will despatch (sic) both..." A photograph of a cowering rabbit being held by its ears appears to demonstrate the method. The inclusion of this in the Sculptors' Society News Sheet is bizarre. We would love to know what relevance catching and killing wildlife has to the visual arts!


Yours sincerely, P K


Irish Council Against Blood Sports -



Hi Niamh


Sorry for not responding sooner but the Domestic Godless have only just stopped laughing. We would like to thank Mr. Kiernan for his concern for and care of Irish Wildlife and take this opportunity to assure him that all the ingredients for our recipes are sourced from pet shops or owners and each dish is served with a large helping of black humour - which we generously credit most of our readership having.


All the best The D.G.