The Domestic Godless

Valentine's Day

Chili-Chocolate Songbird Hearts

The Domestic Godless present the ultimate Valentine's Day gift for a loved oneā€¦ Chilli-Chocolate Songbird Hearts.


At this point we should make it quite clear, that despite our reputation, and while we steer away from any kind of moralizing, we do not advocate the killing of songbirds for sport.


What makes this recipe even more poignant is that each heart has been collected over months if not years, from songbirds who have met their ends through misadventure, (eg blackbirds bouncing off the living-room window or thrushes wrestled from the jaws of spaniels).


What is important here is that the heart of each bird should be extracted within 20 minutes of its death and frozen until needed.



Eight hearts (from Lark, Thrush, Nightingale or Blackbird)

1 teaspoon of honey

bowl of chilli powder for dipping

70% Cocoa chocolate (melted in a bain marie)




Dry fry the hearts, and when cooked add unsalted butter and honey to caramelise.

With a toothpick dip each heart first into chocolate and then the chilli, and redip into the chocolate again.

Allow to cool.

Finally prepare your rose. Ask your florist to retain the thorns, as this will facilitate the easy fastening of the hearts to the stem. Place in a presentation box of your choice...