The Domestic Godless



MaY 2017:


We are happy to announce that The Domestic Godless are rapidly approaching our 15th year in existence.


Throughout that time, we have been working on the very fringes of Ireland’s blossoming gastronomic renaissance, using food as material for irreverent artistic experimentation and invention. We have researched the darkest corners of the world’s culinary cultures to create recipes that teeter on the edge of feasibility and believability.


We have also produced banquets, installations and performances in such places as the Irish Museum of Modern Art, the derelict Hotel Bageion in the heart of Athens, the majestic Castletown House in County Kildare and even a mini-skip at the gates of City Hall in Belfast.


Now, at long last, we are making the book:


The Domestic Godless: The Food, The Bad & The Ugly


All the recipes, research and history will be lovingly reassembled and illustrated throughout, in a tome of over 180 pages, with contributions from renowned food critics (who will remain anonymous for the sake of their professional reputations); TV chefs (some of which have been long entombed), and other esteemed writers aside from ourselves.


This wonderful book will available at the beginning of November, where it will be launched at an exhibition which celebrates our adventures at the Crawford Gallery, Cork.


You can however, purchase the book in advance through our Fund It campaign, launching on Friday 5th May 2017 at 12.00 noon and ending on 15th June.


All the proceeds will go to printing, packing and posting the book to go right to you door.


We thank you heartily for your support!





5.4.2017 Athens Biennale

Hotel Bageion, Omonoia Square, Athens.


For the 6th Athens Biennale 2017-2018 "Waiting for the Barbarians", The Domestic Godless consider the idea of the Barbarians coming from the North. With them, they bring foods that present the potential to cause both environmental and unsalvageable cultural damage, including their own invasive pests.


They will build a multi-sensory installation, where they will pair ingredients, alien to the Mediterranean, with local produce to create bastardized offspring, and present dishes prepared from plants and creatures that have wrought havoc at home.


The Domestic Godless were founded by artists Stephen Brandes and Mick O’Shea, (later to be joined by Irene Murphy) under the Cork Artists Collective banner at the exhibition Artists/Groups at The Project Arts Centre, Dublin in 2003. Since then, it has been our mission to explore the potential of food (its taste, its presentation, its history and its cultural values) as a vehicle for irreverent artistic endeavour and experimentation. Through recipes, installations and public presentations we employ food as both a concept and a medium through which to convey humour, empathy and other qualities that distinguish art from purely craft.


With the kind support of Culture Ireland and  hospitality sponsor Blueground.

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